Kanguru Defender LifePlanner™ Secure, Personal Life Organizer

Part Number: KLPBE30-xxG

Capacity: 16GB
Sale price$99.95 USD

The Defender LifePlanner™ is a unique, personal, encrypted life organizer for storing, organizing and securing all of your personal digital information. Organize and secure everything from your finances, banking and investments, to your doctors, pharmacists, medications, retirement, estate planning and everything in between.

This convenient patented organizer allows you to enter at your own discretion, all of your personal information - away from the internet and solely in your control. The LifePlanner secures your data with Kanguru's highly-sophisticated, military grade, AES 256-Bit hardware encryption in a device that fits within the palm of your hand, using biometric fingerprint technology.  All of your data is secured using Kanguru's proven encryption trusted by security-conscious organizations worldwide.  Simply tap with your finger or enter your password to log-in, and view on nearly any computer under full hardware encryption, whether on or off the internet, wherever you go.

Organize all of your investment information, banking, passwords, account numbers, doctor/pharmacist contact information, medications, savings accounts, real estate, wills, trusts, taxes, education planning - whatever you want to organize, all in one convenient place. The possibilities are endless and all up to you, putting you in complete control of your data.

If you like the sound of organizing all of your personal life digital assets in one convenient, safe location, then the Defender LifePlanner is ideal for you.  Put it in a safe, carry it with you, or plan to pass along to your children.  If you have concerns with entering all of your personal information over internet online servers where your data could be vulnerable, then the Defender LifePlanner is perfect for you.

 See Our Introductory Video of the Defender LifePlanner:

Want to get started right away? See our "Getting Started" videos for a step-by-step guide on how to setup and get started with your Defender LifePlanner:  Visit the Defender LifePlanner Getting Started Videos. 

The Defender LifePlanner is a highly-sophisticated, secure, password protected software program preloaded on our military grade, biometric fingerprint access, 256-bit hardware encrypted USB platform: the Kanguru Defender Bio-Elite30.  This patented software allows you to enter, organize, review, and store all of your personal data safely, securely, and locally.

  • Organize all of your life's data in one secure, convenient location - off the internet
  • Secure all of your passwords, usernames, account numbers and contacts
  • Secure healthcare, doctor/pharmacist information, personal notes, medications and more
  • View all of your passwords, usernames and account website information at a glance with the Password Vault
  • Use the search window to search specific data for immediate access
  • Store website and online account information for when you are ready to access the internet
  • Upload scanned and digital documents (PDFs, Excel files, etc.) in the encrypted File Vault and organize by category
  • Customize categories to meet your specific requirements or create new ones to fit your personal needs
  • Import and export information conveniently, or export your entire LifePlanner to a secure PDF
  • Access your online accounts instantly with the onboard browser, without leaving a trace of your browsing history on the host computer
  • Generate strong passwords with the Password Generator
  • View between day mode and night mode
  • Includes 3 years of On-board Anti-Virus Protection
  • Includes 3 years of Self-Service Password Management
  • Provide special login access for your spouse, children, Power of Attorney, Healthcare Proxy or care-giver


You can use the provided categories or customize your own and arrange everything to your preference for a complete, secure, personal organizer.

Defender LifePlanner Dashboard


 Tell Me More: Visit Our Welcome To The Defender LifePlanner Page.


About the Defender Bio-Elite30

The Defender LifePlanner is stored on one of Kanguru's time-honored secure flash drives; the Defender Bio-Elite30. This flash drive uses high-end AES 256-Bit hardware encryption to secure data and has been trusted by defense, government, energy and utilities, medical, financial and education clients around the world.

The Defender Bio-Elite30 can be used on both Mac or PC computers. (It will need to be pre-initialized on one platform before using.) See Technical Specifications3


FIPS 197 Certified AES 256-bit hardware encryption is the backbone of the Defender Bio-Elite30's security, providing exceptional data protection. In addition, the Defender Bio-Elite30 utilizes XTS Mode, the best encryption module available today, along with password matching and security functions contained in the cryptographic chip, meaning that the encryption can not be compromised, further ensuring your data's security.

The Bio-Elite30 Kanguru Defender encrypted USB drive itself has a built-in Defender Command Console for launching the Defender LifePlanner. View all of your drive settings and information at a glance, along with remaining space available on the drive, AntiVirus and KRMC subscription information, onboard applications and much more. Learn more about the Defender Command Console.

Kanguru Defender drives help protect networks and infrastructure from malware tampering with built-in Digitally-Signed Secure Firmware. Designed in compliance with NIST's requirements for securing device firmware, this drive is protected from "badUSB" to prevent malware attacks by a third-party, making it ideal as a whitelisted device for organizations with endpoint security policies.

All Kanguru Defender hardware encrypted USB drives come with integrated on-board anti-virus by Award-Winning BitDefender®.  The Defender LifePlanner comes with a 3-year subscription. Built right into the drive itself, the anti-virus consistently scans the drive in the background, ensuring that all of your files will be safe and protected from viruses, malware or spyware. Learn more about Kanguru Defender® Anti-Virus Protection on Secure USB Drives

This hardware encrypted thumb drive offers USB 3.0 technology (USB 3.2 Gen 1x1) for lightning-fast data transfers. Connecting the Defender Bio-Elite30 to a USB 3.0 supported USB port provides superior read / write speeds for quick, easy and convenient transfer of data.

This drive can be remotely managed with Kanguru Remote Management Console by an administrator if so desired (KRMC)™.  If you would like to learn more about remotely managing the Defender Bio-Elite30 encrypted drive, visit Kanguru Remote Management Console™ or contact us.

If you've ever forgotten your password, you know how upsetting it can be to not be able to access your data. Although the Defender Bio-Elite30 is a fingerprint drive, it also provides the traditional option of a password. Should your fingerprint not work, and you forget your password, SSPM is an ideal secure solution to quickly reset your password. With an optional subscription to Kanguru Self-Service Password Management, you won't have to worry about losing access to your data. The Defender LifePlanner comes with a 3-year subscription to SSPM. Learn more about Self-Service Password Management.

Kanguru Defender drives can be special ordered with customized options such as engraved logos, text and unique identifiers for quantity orders. Contact a Kanguru Sales Representative about customization at (508) 376-4245, or email sales@kanguru.com.

Customization For Your Defender Secure Flash Drive

  • Kanguru Defender Bio-Elite30 Secure Hardware Encrypted Flash Drive with preloaded Defender LifePlanner Software
  • QuickStart Guide

This product carries a 3 Year limited warranty

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INTERFACESuperSpeed USB 3.0 USB 3.2 Gen 1x1 (Maintains Compatibility with USB 2.0)

Up to 150 MB/s

Write Speed:

Up to 100 MB/s
MEMORY TYPESolid State flash
ENCRYPTION FEATURESFIPS 197 Certified, 256-bit AES Hardware Encryption XTS Mode
DATA RETENTION10 yrs or more
VIBRATION15G Peak to Peak Max
OS COMPATIBILITYOS Platform Agnostic - No OS needed*, only a USB port to plug the drive in (with autoscan enabled) Windows 10+ or MacOS 10.8+ (with autoscan disabled)
WEIGHT0.3 oz
11 g
CUSTOMIZATIONCustomization Available:2
Engrave logos, serial numbers, OS-Agnostic Configuration (on/off), etc.
DIMENSIONS39.82mm L x 17.82mm W x 8.26mm H
1.568” L x 0.701” W x 0.325” H


* The Defender Bio-Elite30 does require an initial, one-time setup with Windows 11+ or MacOS 10.8+.  The host platform needs to be able to power up, read, and recognize the partition and files on the USB flash drive.


(1) Anti-Virus Subscription is available for Windows only. 

(2) Minimum order quantities may apply to customization. 

(3) If you require special custom configuration of drives for an enterprise environment with OS Platform Agnostic turned on or off, you can special order with customized pre-configuration, allowing you to configure the drive exactly as needed.


  • FIPS 197 Certified, 256-bit AES Hardware Encryption (XTS Mode)
  • Defender Command Console
  • Defender LifePlanner
  • Onboard Browser
  • SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Interface (USB 3.2 Gen 1x1) (Maintains Compatibility with USB2.0)
  • Assign Specific Permissions & Settings For Each Fingerprint or User(s) 
  • Remotely Manageable 
  • Simple and Easy to Use
  • Real-time, On-Board AntiVirus Scanning By BitDefender®
  • Rugged Alloy Housing
  • RSA-2048 Digitally-Signed Secure Firmware
  • TAA Compliant
  • Complies with Industry Security Standards such as HIPAA, Sarbanes Oxley, GLBA, GDPR, etc.
  • Available Capacities: 16GB, 64GB, 128GB
  • Customization Available

Download Product Information Sheet: Kanguru Defender LifePlanner

Download the Product Information Sheet on the Defender LifePlanner with Fingerprint Access, to share information with others.

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