Kanguru USB Flash Drives, External Drives & More

Kanguru Flash Drives, Hard Drives, SSDs, Optical Drives and More

Kanguru provides convenient data storage with USB flash drives, external hard drives and solid state drives boasting generous capacities. You will also find high-speed DVD/Blu-ray burners, and the new Windows To Go® Mobile WorkSpace, a convenient mobile desktop for busy travelers. Kanguru's convenient USB products make it easy to store, backup, and duplicate data. Most Kanguru USB drives come with a convenient physical write protect switch for quick, easy protection against overwriting files and adding a defense mechanism from viruses on a host computer.

If "badUSB" is a concern for your organization, we even have a digitally-signed secure firmware flash drive to protect against any possibility of malware tampering. Learn more about how you can protect your organization from "badUSB" with the new Kanguru FlashTrust secure firmware USB drive.


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